Curtis W. Flick
333 E. Pace Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44319
330-645-6383  330-322-4787

December 10, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam:

My strongest, and most valuable trait, is the ability, and desire, to get the job done.
Complete your assigned task if at all possible, no matter what.
I've had job sites go under 15 feet of flood water, earthquakes, fires, tornado, and
still managed to come in on time, and usually under budget.
A variety of life experiences has enabled me to carry on, when others may not, or
may simply be unable due to their experiences. Whether that might be wood working, metal
working, welding, changing oil, or writing software and gluing fabrics, or running
a sewing machine matters little.
I've been known to rent a boat, and run wire across flooded fields, to meet deadline.

If your organization prides itself on getting things done right, on time, and
within budget, there is no better facilitator then me, if it's at all possible.
I will find a way. It's what I do best.

My resume' is a bit radio-centric, because I've spent the last several years in broadcast,
and likely would still, but for the collapse of the economy. Radio and TV have been
especially hard hit.

Presently, I'm learning PHP and hosting my own web sites ( along with others )
on my own equipment, at home. Probably, you're reading this now on one of
the servers at my home ! This is a small network built and managed ( including
custom software where needed ) entirely by me, including firewall(s) switches,
computers, UPS backup, and generator backup.

I have been the supervising engineer for up to 7 directional AM, and 7 FM stations
concurrently in one position, and 96 FM and translator stations in another position.
My last full-time ( non-self-employed ) position required that I supervise 3 full time
and 87 part time employees.

My most recent experience, in the last 15 years or so, has been as a contracted project engineer
for various broadcasting companies. For them, I have built numerous broadcast facilities,
some of which are analog and some that are digital, both radio and TV. Including all of the
IT infrastructure, wiring, switches, patch panels, splices, servers, ( from NT Server to and
including Win2008 Server, as well as various Linux and Unix servers and workstations )
To the best of my knowledge, I am the first person to make a win-printer work on Linux,
and one of the first with win-modems as well.

Most often, I have been the lead engineer,
or "project manager" on behalf of the owner.

These projects included:
    1.) Studios.
    2.) Office computer networks.
    3.) Program automation networks. ( currently involved in the project )
    4.) Network origination studios.
    5.) Transmitting facilities including high powered TV, AM, and FM.

Some of these projects began in existing buildings, some projects started in open fields.
More details can be had on request.

I have interfaced directly individually with customers and end users as well as large departments in
marketing, sales, engineering, and management at all levels. I can work as a one man show, or as part of a team.
I am no stranger to managing and getting along with people.

You can see from the resume' that I am and have been an innovative and ingenious
engineer in the broadcast field for some time, that I'm the guy to "get the job done."
My background in electronics is extensive, possibly unmatched.
My background in computers is also extensive, although "formally" undocumented.
I even had a small part in working with the Apple LISA, ( serial number 0003 ) prior to development
of the Macintosh.
In working with computers, I have had great success working with custom software and/or
hardware combinations. I have integrated new software into existing environments with great success,
sometimes having better success than the author(s).
I have provided some on-line tech support for a couple of Internet Service Providers.

My computer software experience includes but is not limited to:

    1.) Co-authored the Spam-O-Matic universal server based e-mail filtering system.
    2.) Beta testing of new software under multiple environments.
    3.) Virus scanning and removal.
    4.) Software support.
    5.) Project coordination and supervision.
    6.) Data recovery for many reasons.
    7.) Design consultation.
    8.) Web page design and implementation.
    9.) Build, host, manage a social networking web site. ( uses MySQL server )
   10.) Build, host, manage an on-line forum style buliten board web site. ( uses PostgreSQL server )

Operating systems I am familiar with includes but is not limited to:

    1.) All versions of Microsoft DOS and Windows, except Vista, thru Server2008.
    2.) QNX, and other real time operating systems.
    3.) Linux, and other UNIX and UNIX-like systems.
    4.) Various scripting languages.

I have extensive experience working with IBM compatible "PC" hardware.
This experience includes but is not limited to:

    1.) Installing and configuring various hardware
    2.) Building and troubleshooting hybrid Microsoft / *nix networks.
    3.) Wiring buildings for networking.
    4.) Building and configuring network servers and workstations.
    5.) Add, remove, change, configure, reconfigure various hardware.

I have had experience doing data recovery off of hard drives having data that was
mission critical to the end user. I, with my business partners, have written custom
software to read drives with damaged partitions. I have also recovered data off of
drives that were declared unrecoverable by other companies doing data recovery.

Thank You for taking the time to review the resume'.
More specific information and references are available upon request.

Curtis W. Flick