1997-present XYZ*** Technical Services , OH
        Field Engineer
        All aspects of shipping / receiving as pertain to the project / location
        Invent tooling as necessary
        Install subassemblies
        Interconnected subassemblies into a cohesive whole
        Obtain final acceptance from clients
        Wrote documentation
        Extensive travel
        expenses, hotels, rental cars, etc.

XYZ*** Radio Network, Dallas, Texas
        Project leader - coordinate installation team(s)
        All aspects of scheduling, ordering, building, installing as
        related to the project at hand.
        Made, implemented, suggested, field changes as necessary
        Pulling wire, cabling, interconnect, and trunk.
        Responsible for hiring and firing assembly sub-contractors
        Liaison between trades
        Final testing of the integrated systems as a whole.
XYZ*** Communications, various locations
        Project leader - coordinate installation team(s)
        Worked with digital, analog, hybrid equipment
        Built, tested, approved screened room(s)
        Built, inspected, moved, repaired, designed RF transmitter sites
        Personally did rigging, and relate well to riggers in nearly
        all circumstances.
        Installed, tested, designed RF penetrations
        Install, repair, troubleshoot, specify, RF transmitters
        Transmitter start-ups and calibrations
        Did final tune-ups and final inspections
        Resolved spurious emissions and interference problems.
        Coordinated moves of stations
        Generated, approved, and disproved, change orders
        Generated project budgets, ECO's
        Participated in original design phases of all aspects of various projects
        Made, suggested, wrote, implemented field changes
        Install / troubleshoot computer networks
        Data recovery ( various )

1995-1997 A Christian Broadcaster Inc. OH
        Chief Engineer - Translator Division
        Overall responsibility for 96 FM translators.
        Coordinated conversion of 58 stations using unqualified
        personnel in 5 days.
        Built, tuned, installed multi-cavity broadband filters.
        Redesigned off-air translators
        Interfacing with engineering ( ECR's ) and manufacturing
        Redesigned satellite fed translators
        Responsible for division inventory
        Manufactured ID boxes

1992-1995 A Christian Broadcaster OH
        Engineering Consultant
        Personally wrote the network operations manual.
        Support Consultant for Translator Division
        Support Consultant for Radio
        Moved, built, or rebuilt up to 40 radio stations including AM, FM,
        and translator stations.
        Develop and maintain contact with equipment suppliers
        Consulting on OEM changes in their products.
        Advanced design and prototyping of various automation products.
        Resolved problems on four of the directional AM stations.
        Specified and oversaw change of the transmitting antenna at W***-FM
        in Chicago area, Illinois.
        Resolved conflicts between companies in Camden NJ.

1988-1992 A Christian Broadcaster OH
        Chief Engineer
        Filled the position of Chief Operator for 3 stations
        Responsible for 6 other AM stations and 5 other FM stations
        Ran W*** for four years single handedly
        Supervised several assistants.
        Installation of satellite systems.

1988-1989 Self OH
        Contract Maintenance Engineer
        W***-FM XYZ*** College, Ohio.
        W***-AM XYZ*** Broadcasting, Ohio.
        W***-AM A Christian Broadcaster, Cleveland, Ohio.

1985-1988 A Commercial Broadcaster OH
        Assistant Engineer
        Responsible for Studio maintenance.
        Responsible for setting up for remote broadcasts.
        Primary on call engineer.
        Worked on outside projects including the Corum antenna project
        Built prototype automation system.
        Swept floors.

1984-1985 XYZ*** Custom Electronics. OH
        Repair Technician
        Machine tool repair
        Machine operator

1983-1985 XYZ*** OH
        Electronics Bench Technician
        Two-way business radio repair
        Portable pager repair

1981-1983 TV repair OH
        Electronics Technician
        Consumer electronics repair

Other experience

1973-1983 Various positions OH
        XYZ*** Technical Institute - Instructor
        XYZ*** Amateur Radio Club - Instructor
        programming - Z-80 assembler language Applesoft Basic(non MS).
        software design.
        Apple Lisa using machine serial number 3
        experimental motor vehicles, including race cars and motorcycles.
        experimental antenna designs


        Computer software development and testing in all stages.
        Still experiment with motored vehicles building experimental components
        as needed.

        Commenter of record before the Federal Communications Commission
        Computer software published at the request of Creative Computing Press.