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Shroedinger's Cat is


Who I am, and What I do...

I'm one of those geeks who does a number of things.

My brother and I are the authors of the Spam-O-Matic spam filtering engine, which we believe is the "best" enterprise-wide, server based, "no maintenence" spam filter on the planet.

Normally, I'm a "migrant engineer" of sorts, doing various things, most of which have to do with broadcast, or computers.
We build, move, repair, whatever, broadcast stations, including all aspects of studio and/or transmitter construction projects.

Through various associations, all sorts of broadcast related services are possible, from both coasts.
Dennisdoes voice over, and other things, my friends at Magnum fabricate towers, as well as provide rigging services, just to mention a few.

We do various custom programming and network administration.
We do data recovery of "accidental" loss due to system crashes, operator error, or whatever reason, on various platforms including all versions of DOS and windows, and most Unix and *nix clones.
 If it was on a disk, most likely we can recover it.

One of my e-mail addresses appears near the bottom of this page.

The resume's link may have some information useful to you.

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